Scoping, Preparation & Analyzing

Identify the right scope right at the start sets reachable expectations

To get the right scope based on analyzing current processes and project goals will result in clear scope at the start of the project and steer expectations of all deliverables.

Our service includes items like scoping document, project plan, communication plan and risk assessment. These documents serve as key factor in getting clear understanding of project goals and deliverables from both the project team and stakeholders.

Process Mapping

Map existing processes and identify gaps in the business solution compared to the customers´ requirements.

The gaps shall be documented and serve as the basis for the project team to find resolutions or to propose alternative workarounds. In this work, it is important that all team members are trained in the consulting process to ensure that issues are addressed at the right place with the right audience thus respecting team members available time for the project. Among outcomes are GAP’s, Configuration logs, Issues logs, Risk logs and Data migration documents.

ERP Configuration

We have experience in creating working rules around how to manage configuration during life span of a project.

The key attributes are cooperation, responsibility and logging. All this has the purpose of different project teams will not have collision in configuration. Decisions needs to be traceable for team members. Transfer of configuration between environments needs reliable.


Development of Gaps and Integration

Our development experience is high in the Dynamics AX world. The approach we have taken is to ensure our development team has subject matter expertise along with technical understanding of the subjects they are solving.

This approach also avoids developing where standard functionality can cover requirements. The development process we use is solid and ensures right level of documentation, estimation, upgrade ability and testing. We achieve this by ensuring communication, clear reasonability and right skills when assigning resources to our tasks. Communication to minimize misunderstanding is what we us to avoid time traps. Our approach supports using SPRINTS of developments.


Testing is one of the key products of any ERP projects. We like to utilize the different testing phases as handover of the solution to the business.

Where it is in process testing (CRP/UAT) or development testing the scripting beforehand will set expectation and help the delivery team in deliver solutions as expected thus eliminating frustration and ensure smooth transfer from design and development over to the business. Our approach is to have scripting to the right level followed by issues logging, correction process and communication to ensure smooth progress and support any decisions making.

Project Management

We offer project management that will guide your project from initial planning through execution and approval. The focus is on managing the project on behalf of all stakeholders and communicate clear and concise information about the project status.

In implementation of a project plan the assignment of all team members are well defined and clearly explained using quality communication skills. The focus is on supporting team members to deliver assignments on time and to ensure that each assignment is on track. Our project managers have experience in communication with the project board and sponsors where the goal is to manage risks and issues that come up during the project life time. Change management is a fundamental part of every ERP project and our project managers have the knowledge and experience needed to support different activities.


Our reporting team offers wide expertise in implementing reporting strategy and supports variety of different engagement models. We also have a method of assisting companies building reporting strategy where the existing investment is considered in means to shorten the path to the reporting goals. What we have learned is that there is no silver bullet when it comes to creating a reporting strategy.

Our team has functional expertise on how to build reports that are easy to use and supply the right information to users taking into account the urgency and the level of detail of the data that are being represented. Our technical team has he skill set to implement in different technical environment whether it is dashboard, classic reports or pivots that is needed.